Kubernetes Quick Start Guide

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We’re Excited To Show You How Easy It Is To Secure Your Kubernetes Cluster with BastionZero

For the purposes of this guide, we assume users have access to the cluster they’d like to secure (i.e., are able to run kubectl get pods).

Installing the zli

First, let’s make sure you have our zero-trust command line interface (zli) installed.
If you are running MacOS or Linux, you can install the zli via Homebrew in a terminal window using brew install bastionzero/tap/zli.
For those on Windows or if you don’t have Homebrew installed, you can download the latest build from our GitHub here.

Setting Up Your Cluster

Once the zli is installed, begin with zli login. [To learn more about the zli, see our zli manual here.] This command will open a browser window and prompt you to log in using your identity provider (currently scoped to Microsoft, Google, and Okta). Don't worry if you don't have a BastionZero account; it will automatically be created for you.
You can set up your Kubernetes cluster through Yaml or Helm. Use our nav panel on the left or the tiles below to choose which step-by-step guide you'd like to follow.
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