Introduction to the BastionZero Web App
The web app is a browser based application that administrators and end users may utilize to interact with features of BastionZero. All administrative functions, logs, and integration controls are available from the BastionZero web app.
For end users the shell and file copy feature is available using the web app. Users can also search, retrieve, and copy their command history from any session across any target.

Multi-factor Authentication

BastionZero uses your identity provider to authenticate users in your organization. In addition to your IdP end user authentication all BastionZero organizations are created with BastionZero MFA enabled.
Thus all BastionZero clients must submit the BastionZero factor before the authenticated IdP user is granted access to the BastionZero service.
This creates a true MFA authentication system where your user's credentials is one factor, BastionZero's is a second, and assuming you have your IdP factor enabled (which we do as a security best practice) is a third.
BastionZero administrators can reset a user's MFA token from the web app or from an API.
Let's examine the web app features for both adminstrators and end users next.
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