Leverage the Go SDK to administer BastionZero

The BastionZero Go SDK

The BastionZero Go SDK is a Go client library designed to facilitate access to the BastionZero API. It provides a set of functions and types that abstract the underlying API calls, making it easier for engineers to interact with the BastionZero API.

The SDK is organized into services that divide the API into logical chunks, mirroring the structure of the BastionZero API. These services include:

  • Autodiscovery scripts

  • Environments

  • Organization

  • Policies

  • Service accounts

  • Targets

  • Users

Getting started

To install the BastionZero Go SDK, use the go get command below.

go get github.com/bastionzero/bastionzero-sdk-go

Once installed, you can import the SDK into your Go programs.

import "github.com/bastionzero/bastionzero-sdk-go"

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