Server Access
Server support brings MrZAP technology, policy-based access control, and user visibility for remote hosts directly into the BastionZero SaaS
BastionZero allows you to secure your remote hosts using Zero-Trust Access by leveraging our multi-root zero-trust protocol (MrZAP) and without the need for using Secure Shell (SSH).
With BastionZero, you can also:
  • Close all your ports and public IP addresses.
  • See a clear audit trail of who logged into what machine as which user and any action taken on that resource.
  • Record any sessions.
  • Use BastionZero-secured tunnels and file copy to keep all the functionality of SSH and increase your security posture.
See Server Deployment for instructions on securing your server with BastionZero.
Using package managers, zli Quickstart, or a Bash or Ansible script will implement the autodiscovery process. Once BastionZero's bzero agent is installed, it will phone home to BastionZero using either your organization's default registration API key's secret or a short-lived activation token.
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