Installing the ZLI
BastionZero's command line interface for connecting to your targets
BastionZero's command-line interface, the zli, is available through package managers (brew, yum, and apt) and for direct download through Github and for Linux distributions, through the web app.
The zli is compatible with both x86 and amd64 platforms.
BastionZero Web App
brew install bastionzero/tap/zli
  • Use the yum-config-manager to add the BastionZero repo.
    sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo \
  • Install the zli.
    sudo yum install -y zli
  • Install the BastionZero public key from the Ubuntu key-server.
    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver\
    --recv-keys E5C358E613982017
  • For http (i.e., on an Ubuntu 14.x machine), add the BastionZero repo with:
    sudo add-apt-repository \
    'deb stable main'
  • For https, add the BastionZero repo with:
    sudo add-apt-repository \
    'deb stable main'
  • Update the apt cache.
    sudo apt update
  • Install the zli.
    sudo apt install -y zli
  • Navigate to the zli repository's installing a release page.
  • Choose the MacOS or Linux distribution needed and download the executable.
  • For Mac users,
    • chmod +x the executable.
    • Run the program once and see a warning from Apple.
    • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow zli.
    • Run the executable again and confirm with Apple.
  • For Linux users,
    • chmod +x the executable.
Minor releases generate warnings for users to update their zli. Major releases will cause all lower major versions to error.
Download from the web app is available for Linux distributions only.
  • Select the settings gear in the top right corner > CLI Download > Download CLI for Linux.
  • chmod +x the executable.
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