Use the BastionZero app for Slack to request, approve, and monitor just-in-time access to your organization's targets.

The BastionZero app for Slack and our new just-in-time feature allow you to manage ephemeral access to your targets. This is a great alternative for extra sensitive targets (i.e., your production database) that you do not want to grant permanent access to but still want available in case your engineers need to triage a live site, perform routine maintenance, or access debug logs.

To name a few benefits of the BastionZero app and our just-in-time access feature:

  • Just-in-time policy allows you to specify which targets are accessible through just-in-time, who has the ability to request access, and how long they are granted access for.

  • Policy facilitates administrators' manual approval as well as automatic approval of access requests.

  • The BastionZero app enables users to request access easily to targets and admins to grant access quickly within seconds.

  • The BastionZero app captures a full audit trail of who requested access to which target as what target user and when.

If you'd like to learn more or are ready to get started with just-in-time, take a look at our set-up guides for installing the BastionZero app for Slack and setting up your just-in-time policies:

pageUsing the BastionZero app for SlackpageAuthorization

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