ZLI Cheat Sheet
The below are commonly used commands from the zli. For full details on all the zli commands, see the ZLI Reference Manual or execute zli --help from your terminal.
ZLI Command
Log in to BastionZero
zli login
Log out of BastionZero
zli logout
Connect to your target
zli connect {[email protected]}
Use kubectl with BastionZero
zli kube -- {your kubectl command}
List targets
zli list-targets or zli lt
List targets with full detail
zli list-targets --detail or zli lt -d
List targets of a specific type
zli lt -t {target-type}, use zli lt -t --help for additional details
List connections
zli list-connections or zli lc
List policies
zli policy
List policies of a specific type
zli policy -t {policy-type}, use zli policy --help for additional details
Check if you have active daemons running
zli status
Disconnect from all active daemons
zli disconnect
Disconnect from daemon of specific type
zli disconnect {type}, use zli disconnect --help for additional details
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