What Is BastionZero?

BastionZero is the Zero Trust Access Platform that connects engineers to infrastructure without risking the keys to your kingdom.
BastionZero is a cloud service that allows you to remotely access infrastructure targets in any cloud or data center. Cloud-agnostic remote access is provided according to a zero trust security model to ensure:
With BastionZero, you can simplify and secure your infrastructure by eliminating VPNs, bastion hosts, and SSH and Kubernetes key management. There is no need to set up IAM roles across different clouds and accounts, and it simplifies the process to on- and off-board users.
BastionZero can also help bring your infrastructure into SOC2 compliance because it is built on top of the open-source cryptographic MrZAP protocol.
To get started, you can read our deployment guides, learn more about our architecture or security model, or see how to integrate BastionZero into your existing SSH workflows, DB workflows, Kubernetes clusters, or webservers.
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